Modeling portfolio for beginners

Are you just starting out in modeling and looking to build your portfolio? If so as a beginner modelling photo package is ideal for you. Our beginner model headshot photo package is designed specifically for models who are just starting out and looking to promote themselves with a professional portfolio. Investing in your career is essential to getting the modeling assignments you want. Our goal is to provide a cost effective photo shoot that gives you a number of photos that look like they were taken over a period of time. In essence you can fill your portfolio in one photo shoot. You’ll now have the ability to promote yourself more effectively with modelling agents and potential clients. The value to you is extremely high for the time and effort you put in.

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Are you an actor or fashion model looking for headshots?

Our beginner portfolio package is ideal for both male models and female models. Those who are looking to build their acting career can also benefit with an actor headshot portfolio. Same applies to models looking at building a new portfolio or adding to an existing fashion portfolio. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level this photo package is meant for you. The beginner one day photo shoot will jump start your career with a diverse portfolio illustrating multiple looks all in a single day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Booking a photo shoot is very simple.  Use the form below to start the process.  Let me know what you're interested in, head shots, acting, modeling, etc.. From there we'll build together a package that will help you build your portfolio.

The modelling photo shoot package is ideal for anyone looking to add to or create a portfolio.  The photos can range based off your needs.  An actor may be looking for a variety of head shots where a fashion models portfolio may require more full body shoots. Executives and professionals typically are looking for head shots or location half body photos. Family and cosplay portfolio pictures can be almost anything creative and fun.  

Photo shoot wardrobes are always flexible.  For beginners it's best to keep it simple.  The goal is to create photos that showcase you and not the clothes.  Simple things like scarf's, gloves, coats, shoes or shirts can quickly change the look.  Combine this with multiple locations during the photo shoot and quickly you'll have a range of pictures that will fill your portfolio.  If you need help don't worry, we're here for that too and can work with you or a stylist to get the look you're wanting.

An image license covers the photo and how that image will be used and where.  A photographers costs cover all the other things that go in to creating a professional photo.  Items like equipment, time, knowledge operating costs etc... all factor in to a photographers cost.

Yes.  We work with you to build a package that's going to work for your specific needs. From beginners just starting out to models who are topping up their portfolio our goal is simple, helping you build your portfolio the way you want it.

As with any other service professional we require a small upfront payment to hold your spot.  This is then deducted from the overall package cost after the photo shoot has been completed. 

After your photo shoot we'll go through every photo and select the ones that are the best of the day.  This well then become your proofs.  You'll have the option to select a predefined number of images that will then be used for the final edits and for you to use.  

We offer several services for the final product.  Depending on the package you select we will provide digital copies formatted for social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc...), websites or printed photos. 

Yes.  Regardless of your experience or need a photo shoot is for everyone.  Again, our goal is to work with you and provide pictures that are suited for your needs.  

Portfolio Sample Photos

model-photographer-portfolioModel posing for portrait photosHow to take outdoor model portrait photosmodel-photographer-portfoliomodel-photographer-portfoliomodel-photographer-portfolio

What’s included in the beginner portfolio package.

Included in the portfolio package are both the digital images ready for social media sharing and print photos.

Common elements of a portfolio package

  • Proofs
  • Digital images
  • Social media formatted images
  • Printed copies of select photographs

Why work with David Reid?

Over the years I’ve developed a workflow that’s all about making it easy and simple.  There is a very important reason why I worked hard to develop this process.  The more relaxed you are as a model the better the photos will turn out.  It’s that simple.  Combine this with my photo skills and a creative approach focused on you looking your best and you have a winning combination.  Working in the Toronto (GTA) region I am available throughout Southern Ontario including Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Bowmanville and Markham.  If you’re outside that area no worries I’m always travelling around and certain we can arrange something that works for you.

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