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The task of how to pick a wedding photographer is probably one of the most difficult choices you’ll have to make when planning your wedding.  Unlike other vendor choices you’ll have to make picking the photographer have some very unique differences.  With a DJ you have a lot of control over the type of music you’ll want played at your wedding.  A song selection can cover most if not all of the night.  Same holds true with your flower arrangements.  You know exactly what flowers, colors and arrangements you want.  With a local photographer it’s a little more than just your choice.  Wedding photographers are very much like painters.  They each have a specific style and within that style there is a wide range of how they apply it to a wedding.

Remember liking the photographer and bonding with them is essential!

Wedding photographer styles

There are four basic wedding photography styles in today’s market.  Each style can capture beautiful pictures of your special day.  They thing to remember here is in six months or six years will you still feel as passionate about the photos?  Check out each style of photography carefully and honestly evaluate them against your lifestyle.  As an example if you’re an ultraconservative person would an edgy bold look appeal to you?  Probably not.  Now that’s a very obvious contrast so be careful that when you’re stepping outside your normal comfort zone that it’s really what you want and not what’s trendy.

How to pick a wedding photographer style: 4 basic types

Documentary wedding photography:  This style is all about the event and less about traditional ‘staged’ photos.  You’ll rarely see people looking directly into the camera and you’ll almost never see a formal group photo.  People like Jennifer Aniston had her wedding photographer do exactly this.  She didn’t want to stop to take photos and didn’t want to miss the people and excitement of the wedding.  She just wanted photos that documented the day and captured key moments as they happened.

Portraiture wedding photography: When you see your parents wedding photos do you smile and think, that’s what I want.  If you do then you should consider a traditional wedding photographer or portraiture photographer.  Traditional settings and groupings with family and friends are the stable of this photographer.  Backdrops and framed settings are common settings used in this photo style.  Some photographers will push the boundary and use a more edgy setting but still maintain the traditional wedding photography principles.

Fine art wedding photography: This is one of my favorite wedding photography styles.  It’s a blend of many styles (maybe all) allowing the photographer a great deal of artistic license.  This is where you must like and bond with the photographer.  The wedding photos you’ll receive after your big day is the point of view seen from the photographer.  Personally when I shoot in this style I listen to the client and blend their wishes etc… with my style.  The outcome is specific to your wedding and not a cookie cut-out.

Edgy and bold wedding photography: This style is pushing the boundary to the limits. Creative control is given completely to the photographer and the sky’s the limit.  Off-beat angles, colors, locations and more set this wedding style apart from all the rest.  Expect to be shocked and surprised at how dynamic these photos can be.  Perfection in positioning people in groups or alone is not the focus.  Cut-off heads, out of focus brides, random photos are all part of emotion expressed when taking edgy wedding photos.

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