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It’s the latest trend, ok not latest, but it’s still a cool trend. Looking for an engagement photographer to help celebrate the news and begin the official journey of your lives together. What a cool idea but where do you start? Well here are 5 simple photo tips to capture engagement photos you’d be happy to use on your social networks.

Do you need a professional for your engagement photography?

Well I’m a little biased here and would generally say yes. Taking selfies of an important time in your life is like having your grandmother cook the reception dinner. Not that she’s a bad cook just not what she should be doing during that event. Like your grandmother you should be focused on being in the picture and not worrying about the photography for your engagement. Make sense?

Top 3 low cost (or cheap) engagement photography ideas

The gaze – get up close to each other and look into each other’s eyes nose to nose. This look is simple and can be done almost anywhere. You don’t need a fancy location or an expensive lighting setup just a tight shot for your wedding engagement photo.

Kiss her forehead – hold her close place her head in your hands and softly kiss her forehead. Now this shot is similar to the first except for the following. The idea for this engagement photo is to shift the emotion from both of you to him. It’s meant to capture his love for his bride to be. Backlit gives a sense of purity. Ok stop laughing, sometimes we go for the ideal not reality when shooting creative engagement photography.

The ring flash – a subtle photo focused on the engagement ring. Here you’re speaking directly to the wedding and engagement through photography. It allows for a range of creative ideas that can be shot almost anywhere. The key here is to keep it tight and focus on the ring. After all it’s an engagement and that is captured in the offering of a ring.

The best engagement photography tips are those that work for you. Your skill level, your ability to repeat the setting and your comfort level. Remember this is an important time and although not as important as the actual wedding it is high on the list. When looking to hire a professional keep in mind engagement photographer prices are as different as the photographer themselves.

Bonus tip for creative engagement or wedding photography

Remember the old adage everything old is new again? This is so true in the arts and especially in photography. I’m all about getting creative but at the same time I’m ok with tried and true. The bounce tip is try vintage engagement photography for that unusual and cool look. Take a look back, I mean way back to the 90’s, ok further like the 40’s and grab some inspiration from photos in that time period. You’d be surprised how unique your engagement picture can look and how many people will enjoy something different.

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