Bring some water bottles for both you and the model. You’ll be moving fast from location to location and depending on the time of year it can get hot pretty quick.  So bring a couple of (cold) water bottles for you and the team.

This is both physically and philosophically.  It’s best to have some idea of what you want to shoot but when doing location street photos things can change very quickly.  So, be flexible in your vision, location, movements and your models strengths. Going with the flow and having a happier time will come across in the images.

Get familiar with where you’re going to shoot.  Toronto street photography can be taken almost anywhere and at anytime of the year.  Snapping a great street photo takes planning and as said above flexibility. If you can’t go to the location before hand use Google Maps to ‘walk around’ and get familiar with possible locations in the area.  Even candid street photography can produce some great images.