SONY Bird Photo



Most common shutter speed settings are between 1/1000 – 1/3000.  You can obviously go faster or slower just keep in mind this will change the overall exposure and sharpness of the image.  I recommend for beginners to shoot at 1/1000 and get a feel for how your camera performs.


Often people shoot at the widest aperture say f/2.8.  This works for many photos however keep in mind the depth of field at f/2.8.  You may only have a portion of the bird in focus because of this. If you shoot at f-stops around f/4 for example you will most likely have to change the ISO and or the shutter speed to expose correctly.


Like with so many other types of photos the lower the ISO the better.  ISO ranges between 100-800 generally work well for all cameras and some can push upwards of ISO 12,000