Who’s in your backyard?

Who's in your backyard?Nature is all around us and in Durham Region there is plenty to see. This exhibit showcases wildlife right in our backyard easily accessible and just steps outside your door. Exhibit runs from Nov 01 to DEC 23 MON-FRI (9:00-3:30) at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station 1675 Montgomery Park Rd, Pickering, ON [...]

Canon 7D Mark II Sample Images

The new Canon 7D Mark II also called the Canon 7D MK II camera is pretty amazing. For a relatively low cost of entry this camera body performs very well. I’ve put together a group of sample images for the 7DMKII both here and on Flickr. If can see my Canon 7D sample images on […]


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MEET DAVID REID Photography has always been a passion of mine. From the earliest days I remember the excitement of being able to capture the emotion of a moment in time. It’s that connection between the photograph and the viewer that makes it all worth while. Over the years as a freelance photographer I’ve learned [...]