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Recently, I had the opportunity to test the Shimbol Memory I external monitor for my bird and wildlife photography. The team at Shimbol sent over their latest DSL monitor for me to review in the field. My setup consisted of the SONY A1 camera and the SONY 200600mm G lens, with the Memory I serving as my SONY camera monitor.

Can You Use an External Monitor for Photography?

The answer is a resounding yes! But is it worth it? Is having a 4K camera monitor mounted externally to your camera something you want or need in the field? I believe the answer is again a definite yes.

In my latest YouTube video, I share my experience using the Shimbol Memory I monitor in the field. While I used it mounted on my mirrorless SONY camera, it can easily be used as a DSLR monitor for Canon or Nikon cameras as well.

As you can see in the video, having an external camera monitor with a large screen does make a significant difference. Once set up, the ease of shooting both video and photos allowed me to focus on the creative aspect of bird photography.

What Does an External Camera Monitor Do?

As covered in the video above, an external camera monitor is like having a third eye in the field. This particular monitor, the Shimbol Memory I, boasts some excellent features that enhance my skills rather than slowing me down.


  •  Model: Shimbol Memory I 5.5″ 4K HDMI Touchscreen Recorder/Monitor
  •  Display: 5.5″ touchscreen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080
  •  Video Input: Supports up to DCI 4K25 via HDMI
  •  Recording: Records 1080p60 video to a microSD card
  •  Brightness: Impressive 2000 cd/m² brightness for clear viewing in various lighting conditions
  •  HDR Compatibility: Allows for capturing and viewing footage with a wide dynamic range
  •  3D LUT Support: Apply custom 3D LUTs for personalised color grading and styles
  •  Monitoring Features: Includes waveform, vectorscope, focus peaking, markers, false color, and color temperature settings
  •  Audio Capability: Embedded audio playback and a 3.5mm headphone port for monitoring
  •  Power Options: Powered by an LSeries/F970 battery or DC input
  •  Mounting: Comes with a 1/4″20 thread and shoe mount for easy attachment to cameras

The Shimbol Memory I 5.5″ 4K HDMI Touchscreen Recorder/Monitor is an excellent tool for bird and wildlife photography/videography. Its high resolution display, recording capabilities, brightness, HDR compatibility, and support for custom 3D LUTs make it a valuable asset in the field. With additional monitoring features, audio capabilities, and versatile power options, this monitor is a reliable companion for capturing stunning footage of nature and wildlife.

Are Camera Monitors Worth It? 

This is a crucial question, particularly for field filmmakers, wildlife enthusiasts, and bird photographers. Every piece of gear needs to be valuable and useful in the field. You may have selected the best bird photography camera in the market but  I firmly believe that if you’re working in challenging locations under tough conditions and require extra visibility to capture the perfect shot, then an external monitor is well worth the investment. When it comes to choosing a camera monitor, avoid going for the cheapest option. Instead, opt for a good, robust field monitor like the Memory I that offers excellent value for its price.

Which Monitor Is Best for My Camera?

When searching for the best camera monitor, thorough research is key. You’ll find that the Shimbol Memory I stands up against the competition. Feature Packed and reasonably priced, it offers a lot for its value. Start by checking your camera’s capabilities. For example, the SONY A1 requires an HDMI camera monitor, while some of my other cameras require a USB C monitor. Ensure you have the right cables or connectors to ensure seamless compatibility between your camera and the monitor.

By incorporating an external camera monitor into your bird and wildlife photography setup, you’ll elevate your skills and capture breathtaking shots with ease. The Shimbol Memory I monitor provides the tools you need to enhance your creative process, improve visibility, and achieve stunning results in the field.

In addition to the technical specifications and benefits of using an external camera monitor for bird and wildlife photography, there are a few more considerations to keep in mind. Let’s explore them further:

  1. Durability and Portability: When working in the field, it’s essential to have gear that can withstand outdoor conditions. The Shimbol Memory I monitor is designed to be durable and reliable, making it suitable for rugged environments. Its compact size and lightweight design also contribute to its portability, allowing you to carry it with ease during your birding or wildlife expeditions.
  2. Customization and Personalization: The Shimbol Memory I monitor offers various customizable features that can enhance your shooting experience. With the ability to upload and adjust 3D LUTs, you can create personalised color grading and styles that align with your artistic vision. This level of customization allows you to achieve the desired look and feel for your bird and wildlife photographs or videos.
  3. Improved Focus and Composition: One of the key advantages of using an external camera monitor is the ability to achieve precise focus and compose your shots effectively. The large touchscreen display of the Shimbol Memory I provides a clear and detailed view, allowing you to assess the focus accuracy and make necessary adjustments on the spot. This feature is particularly valuable when working with fast moving subjects or capturing fine details in bird feathers or wildlife fur.
  4. Enhanced Exposure and Dynamic Range: The HDR compatibility of the Shimbol Memory I monitor enables you to view and capture footage with a wide dynamic range. This means you can retain more details in both highlight and shadow areas, resulting in well exposed and visually compelling images. The ability to monitor exposure accurately is crucial in bird and wildlife photography, where lighting conditions can be challenging and unpredictable.
  5. Connectivity and Power Options: The Shimbol Memory I monitor offers multiple connectivity options to ensure seamless integration with your camera setup. With HDMI input, you can connect it to a wide range of camcorders, cinestyle cameras, DSLRs, or mirrorless cameras. Additionally, the monitor can be powered by an LSeries/F970 battery or DC input, providing flexibility and extended usage time in the field.
  6. Value for Money: While investing in additional photography gear is a consideration, the Shimbol Memory I monitor provides excellent value for its price. It offers a comprehensive set of features and capabilities found in higher priced alternatives, making it a cost effective solution for bird and wildlife photographers and videographers.


Incorporating an external camera monitor like the Shimbol Memory I into your bird and wildlife photography toolkit can significantly enhance your shooting experience. Its advanced features, customizable settings, durability, and portability make it a reliable companion in the field. Whether you’re capturing stunning bird photographs or documenting wildlife behaviour in high resolution videos, the Shimbol Memory I monitor empowers you to elevate your work and achieve outstanding results.

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