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New Amber Marshal photos

Pictures of Amber Marshall at the Royal Winter Fair

For the past few years Amber Marshall, star of the hit T.V. show Heartland, has opened the Royal Winter Fair Rodeo (Ontario Toyota Rodeo).  As one of two marshal’s Amber not only kicks things off she stay’s involved.  Last year during the bull riding things almost got out of hand while in the ring.  Luckily, the bucking bull was corralled back in to the pens safely away from Amber.

Royal Winter Fair 2012
Taking photos of Amber isn’t cut and dry.  The two biggest concerns are her time and the venue.  Shooting photos at the Ricoh Coliseum during the Royal Fair is the pits.  The lighting is always bad and space is at a premium.  Not to mention flash photography and horse don’t always mix well.  The last thing you want to do is take a high powered flash photo of Amber while she’s on her horse and have him buck.  Now that’s a moment I rather not have.

So with poor lighting, fast action and time crunches these photos were taken under less than ideal conditions.

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