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What to look for when you need a product photographer

In today’s selfie world there is no shortage of people claiming to be a photographer, let’s face it we all have a camera right! Just because you have a camera doesn’t mean you’re a photographer. No it’s not sour grapes but really do you think it’s that simple to be a commercial product photographer? Would you say the same about an electrician or automotive mechanic, “hey my kid has a wrench I’m sure he can fix your car”. I know you wouldn’t let that happen, so why would you consider having just anyone with a camera take promotional photos of your product or business. More than ever pictures of your business are critical to the success of your business and that’s in a nutshell why you should hire a professional corporate photographer. To give you the best shot possible.

As a professional product photographer I’ve not only purchased the right gear I’ve spent the time perfecting my craft. Yes it’s a craft much like anything else. Knowing how to shoot a small piece of jewelry or a large industrial machine is why you hire a pro.

An example of why you should hire a professional product photographer

I have a client (yes still is my client) who thought it would be a great idea to have their son take some promotional photos. I’m certain that they first thought that since he took photos of his vacation taking advertising photos would be the next logical step. Well over the summer he took tons of pictures hoping that with each day that went by he would get better and finally grab that perfect photo. Now in their mind they didn’t need the best product photographer for their business. All they thought they wanted was a few pictures to show customers. Now this customer manufactured large industrial equipment. Most of it was custom and specific to the end user with a price tag in the millions. What they failed to calculate was that commercial photography rates are less than 1% of the total cost of their industrial products.

After reviewing the photos taken over the summer they soon realized that taking product photos wasn’t so easy. Combine this with lost opportunity and the fact that you can’t re-shoot a custom product that has left the building the then called me up. I provide photography services of all shapes and sizes. I understand that not everyone has or needs a large photo shoot. After discussing what had happened over the summer the only solution was to shoot their product at the end users location. Long story short we ended up getting one piece of equipment and made the best of a less than productive summer.

How creative product photography can boost your business.

I’m sure you and your competitors have photos that are almost interchangeable. From your prospects or customers point of view they start to see you and them as one in the same. So how can you beat your competition with creative product photography? Simple, hire a photographer that understands how to mix creativity with functionality. Getting this mix correct allows you to stand out right from the start and why commercial photography can be as exciting as fashion photography.

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