Often companies forget the value of a good photo and miss great and often better sales results.
From simple dollar store products to multi-million dollar machines the photo is key to capturing the right customers.
You want to illustrate the value in your product and showcase the best features and function it can offer.

Tips for product photography

1) Show it off with the right lighting
Lighting is always the most important part to a photo.  It sets the stage and mood of anything we shoot.  With product photography it’s no different.  Make sure you have the highlights right and not washing out the detail of the product.  Equally make sure there is some depth with shadows to make the product ‘pop’.
2) Keep it clean
Detail here is critical for a professional shot.  Cleaning and dusting are a must and often needed throughout the photo shoot.  Don’t forget the background too.  Keep it clean in large product shots so that the eye is drawn to the key areas – the product.
3) Have context
Product isolation can work for many products and are often great for catalog photographs.  But there is also a great message to be made when you put the product in some type of context.   You don’t have to have a pair of work boots outdoors you can simply bring part of the outdoors inside.  Use a small mound of dirt and position the boot on top or partly in it.  This ‘context’ reinforces the message the client is wanting to have.
4) Show all sides
Here again the obvious is sometimes over looked.  Showing different angles or ‘sides’ to a product helps the viewer appreciate it more.  Sometimes this is best done by including either props or placing it in some real world context.  Try not to capture the ‘perfect’ shot but rather a few shots that deliver a message.  Ok, capturing the perfect shot does go a long way but don’t lose focus on just the one photo.
If you have more questions on professional product photography send us a message here.


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