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It comes around every year and every year there are questions around what’s the best or newest ideas for cool prom photos. Prom pictures are really no different than posing models outdoors, you have to be ready for anything that comes your way.  The key is working with your subject and location to create the best possible prom photos.

How to take prom pictures that last the test of time.

With today’s Instagram generation knowing how to take a prom photo that lasts is something that might be lost on those you’re taking the picture of.  Yes funny prom poses are cool today and are part of the instant gratification culture we live in but it’s not something you should limit yourself to when taking prom images.  Remember what’s fashionable today isn’t tomorrow.  Grab some fun light hearted pictures of the prom and then snap some traditional prom portraits that the parents would be proud of.

Location and how the prom picture background can change on you quickly

Location photo shoots always have challenges and when you mix in a few hundred teens it’s crazy.  When picking a location to shoot your photos pay special attention to how the backdrops for your prom pictures might change.  Even if you bring a muslin or paper sheet you need to consider how changes around will impact the prom pictures.  Simple things like doors opening can move the background with a gust of air.  Similarly your lighting may change drastically as someone opens an outside door to let some fresh air in.  If you’re considering prom pictures of couples and singles keep in mind how this can quickly impact what type of backdrop you might need.  Your senior prom pictures can easily grow to class or team photos once everyone wants in the picture.  Having a small location or background will either make the shoot look amateurish or require you to do a lot of post production editing.  Last thing you need is an embarrassing photo that simply can’t be edited.

Prom poses and how to keep things moving.

Having a number of prom picture ideas as a “go to” strategy is a must for keeping things moving at a prom.  Everyone is in a rush and at the same time wanting your photo to be perfect, the challenges of being a prom photographer.

Tips for posing couples and creating unique prom pictures

  1. Get to the location early.  If you can try and connect with the people setting up the prom and find out as much as possible about how they are setting things up.  Often they have secret locations where you could use to take cute prom picture with best friends or couples.
  2. Be flexible.  Let’s face it you’re working with people who are all wired and emotional.  Don’t lock yourself into one way be flexible and include prom pictures ideas outside your priority location.
  3. Capture emotion – Being a prom photographer is very much like model photographer you need to capture emotion.  Use lighting and atmosphere to change the mood and engage with the people you’re taking the photos of.


Creative ideas

Looking for some ideas on how to pose people for the prom?  Here are some creative ways to spice up your prom photos.

  1. Stay cute – remember who you’re taking photos of.  Cute and fun!
  2. Sports props – have sports props around like baseballs, bats, football or basketball. You’ll be surprised who would pick them up.
  3. Go low with group photos – if you’re shooting a group of friends have some kneel down and show low. Give your shot some attitude.
  4. Include the dress – the prom is just like a wedding, the girl always wants a photo of the dress. Make sure you take pictures of the prom dress and make it look pretty.
  5. Add some cosplay – ask ahead and find out if they like to dress up in superhero outfits.
  6. Use letters – uses letters and numbers and spell out the year, school or team.
  7. Jump up – have them all jump up at the same time or jump of a ledge.
  8. Add some love – use there hands arms fingers to create the shape of a heart and frame your shot with some love.
  9. James Bond, Charlie’s Angels – have them use there hands to give that classic gun pose
  10. Prom is the end of one thing and start of another – show them from behind giving the feeling of looking forward.
  11. More props – have some balloons with you for couples prom poses and even singles.

Remember enjoy yourself while you’re shooting prom photos, Know your camera settings for portrait photos inside and out so you focus on taking the picture.  it’s meant to be fun and memorable for everyone.

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