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Local photographer - David ReidTaking the time to search for a local Toronto photographer can often lead to an overall better experience. Why is a photographer local to where you are important? A photographer in your local area has two major advantages, cost and knowledge.

Two advantages to hiring a local photographer for your next project

First the cost of a photographer is generally a combination of time and experience. How much time the photographer will spend with you is an hourly billed item. Travel from their office to your location is added in to your costs and is simply money better spent elsewhere. The other major component to cost is the experience of the photographer. The greater the experience the photographer has usually means better photos which translate in to higher costs.

The second reason is another obvious one but very important. A local photographer knows the area. Yes it’s simple but so important. Knowing the local area is critical to finding great locations to shoot your photos. Imagine trying to explain to a photographer from out of town where you would like the photos taken or options to look at. They will either scout the area the day before which will add to the overall costs or try to make it work on the day of the event. This high risk option will add unnecessary tension to your project.

 Tips for choosing a photographer in your area

Now you have a list of local photographers and need to choose which ones to call.  Here is a quick list of tips for picking the right photographer for you.

  • Personality – do you like the photographer?
  • Style – is their styling in line with what you like or are looking for?
  • Location – do they have a studio and will they go on location to shoot?
  • Input – can you provide input during the creative process?
  • Experience – how long have they been taking photos professionally?
  • Time – how much time will you have with the photographer pre, during and post event?
  • Proofs – how long until you receive proofs?
  • Post production – can they edit your photos to correct and adjust?
  • Printing – can you purchase prints from them?

Being prepared is half the battle when selecting a local photographer.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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