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Learn how to take better Instagram photos

So why do some accounts on Instagram get more likes than others?  Most likely because their content is better structured and the photos are generally better pictures. Learning how to take better Instagram photos is also how to become a better photographer.

An Instagram photo needs to address a number of things very quickly.  Remember the average user on Instagram is bored and skimming through hundreds of images. The best Instagram photos are those that stop a user for seemingly an unknown reason.  But there are reasons why we stop to look at a picture on Instagram. Often it’s an emotional trigger that makes us stop. It could be the subject like a cute dog or a new born baby.  Or it could be a travel related post that draws us in out of curiosity. Whatever it is these 5 tips will help you take a better picture for Instagram

Top 5 tips for taking better Instagram photos

  • Tip 1Think in squares.  Learn to frame your photo in a 1 x 1 aspect ratio, I know obvious but critical.
  • Tip 2Get close! Instagram is mostly used on a cellphone and the screens are small.  So get close to your subject so people can see it.
  • Tip 3Remove clutter.  Keep your composition simple and easy to understand.  Users skim through your Instagram feed fast so make your photo easy to understand.
  • Tip 4Photo style.  Develop a photo style that draws attention and makes you stand out.  Use color and B&W to punch the photo out
  • Tip 5Tack sharp photos.  Instagram users will stop and view a crisp clear picture long before an out of focus one.

Example of a wildlife Instagram account

What Instagram photo editor is best?

This is a tough question but I have found 2 ways to edit my photos for Instagram that make it simple and easy for me.  The first is using Snapseed for pictures I take on my cell phone (Android, Apple). This Instagram picture editing app is very powerful allowing you to control almost anything within the image.  Keeping in mind the tips above you should be able to create an exciting and engaging Instagram post.

The second photo editing workflow for Instagram is a little more involved and is used when taking pictures with a DSLR.  Now you could transfer your images directly from the camera to your cell phone via WiFi or Bluetooth and edit with Snapseed however, when using a DSLR for more professional pictures i suggest using a program like Lightroom.  Lightroom allows you to more precisely edit photos for Instagram giving you greater control of the output. If you’re looking at upping your game and get more Instagram shares consider how you edit the images.

Instagram photo styles

Consider what style of photography you’re going to shoot and how this looks on Instagram.  Not everything translates well over to Instagram and if you select a style that’s meant for large prints you may want to reconsider your approach.  Some picture styles that work on Instagram are portrait photos, wildlife, landscape (composition is very important here) and travel pictures.

So, keep in mind these simple tips on how to take better Instagram photos the next time you’re ready to post.

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