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While skimming through Flipboard I came across an old Huffington Post article “Is a Photography Degree a Waste of Time?” that made me think, what would my number 1 photography tip be? Well it’s simple, well sorta simple. Take pictures!

My number 1 photography tip that you aren’t doing, are you?

Let’s face it most of us start out juggling multiple jobs trying to make a move into a career in photography. We read articles on how to take better pictures and give it a shot and have some success and get discouraged and then try again some day. Well this part of my number one tip for photographers.

Take a look at any professional at the top of their game. To get to the top or even see the top off in the distance an athlete as an example would have practiced for years from a child usually to get where they are. So ask yourself have you done that, have your photography techniques or skills improved? If not then these tips for photography, no TIP is where you need to start.

Give yourself a daily challenge and stick to it! Last year I took on the 365 photo challenge and learned way more than I could have ever imagined. I learned how to take good pictures with inexpensive cameras to top end gear. I read every photography tips and tricks book I could find and read them again and again. I was obsessed with challenge to a point the rest of my life was simply second. Now this had its consequences with those around me and my personal life. Not everyone sees the value in photographing a fork, yea check out my fork picture on Flickr it’s cool.

What’s the best way to come up with creative photography ideas

Knowing the basics of photography is a must have if you’re getting into the field and want to be known as a local photographer, or is it? Let’s think about this for a minute. To be really creative with your photography you’ll hear the pro’s tell you that you sometimes have to break the rules. Well if you have to sometimes break the rules why learn them? Ok in the early days why learn them, I agree in time you must learn them or at least have read about them. So while you’re digging through blog posts or ready books, even digital photography for dummies, ask yourself when was the last time I took a photo? If it was days ago slap your hand and stop reading this post and take a picture.

Taking the 365 photo challenge was the best photography tip given to me

I’m not sure where I read it but the first time I heard about taking a 365 photo challenge my eyes lit up. What a photo a day how am I going to do that? Easy, pick the camera up and start doing it. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for wedding photography tips or just photography basics taking on a challenge like this will give you insight you thought you had but really never did.  Here are a few 365 photo challenge ideas that will help start you off on your quest.

By pushing yourself just like athletes do your skills will improve and expand to areas that can easily be applied to what you really want to do. Good photos often start from you reading photo tips and tricks and then applying them in the real world. When beginning photography remember it’s an art and an art that needs to be expressed and matured. Even professional photography tips can apply to those just starting out.

So my number 1 photography tip is take picture, start a challenge, test and learn and never give up. It’s really that simple. You’ll stumble across a host of photography tricks that take you to the next level, or sometimes take you back a few. Either way it’s all up to you to just start.

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