Professional Photographer at The Royal Winter Fair

Are you looking for professional photographs taken at the Royal Horse Show?  DR Photos is a Toronto photographer with a large number of photographs taken of the major events held at the RAWF.  You’ll find photos of both the winners and contenders for these events.

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You can purchase any of our photos and review them all on our Flickr page.  Simply send us an email with the name of the photo and the size/quantity you are looking for.

Royal Horse Show Events

DR Photos attended all of the following events during the 2011 Royal Winter Fair (RWAF).  A wide range of these pictures can be seen on our Facebook page or Flickr page.  Due to the large number of photos taken we were not able to post all of them online  If you’re looking for a specific rider or horse for any of these events please contact us.
  • Pony International Jumper
  • Clydesdale Two Horse Team
  • Road Horse Wagon over 15.2
  • Percheron Cart
  • Large Pony Hunter
  • Large Pony Hunter Championship
  • Grand Pony Hunter Championship
  • Horse Sport Pony Winners’s Stake
  • Belgian Two Horse Team
  • OHHA Green Road Horse Final
  • Good Crop Indoor Eventing
  • Canadian Show J. Championship
  • Amber Marshall
  • The Ontario Toyota Dealers Royal Rodeo

Find out more on event times with The Royal Winter Fair schedule.