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How to take creative photos

It’s possible it really is. You can take beautiful winter photos by using a simple photo tip that I use on almost every shoot. I realized this when practicing some wildlife photography tips I read online. The one tip the always seemed to forget was my one best tip, just take a picture.

This seems so simple but is compounded when trying to take a nice picture of a dull winter. Living in the North hemisphere you get use to months of dull grey cold days. As a photographer it can be challenging. You see all these beautiful winter snow scenes in magazines and think hey I can do that. The only thing is you need mountains and sunlight and well everything you don’t have at your fingertips. So unless you plan on travelling to take your winter scenes images you’ll just have to make do with what’s around you.

How winter photography tips are no different than any other

Yep that’s right. You need to forget about the fact it’s winter and lifeless outside. You need to dig deep and find inspiration somewhere out there just as local Toronto photographer do when they’re on a shoot. When I think of taking photos of winter scenes I picture myself look small. I don’t have any vast expanses of space and nature that just work for photos of winter, I have suburban landscapes. So look like you would all year round and find those small subjects that with the right camera skills you can make something ugly beautiful.

Making beautiful winter photos requires one thing!

When looking for beauty in a winter’s landscape try this simple tip. Drive around your local community and stop as soon as you see something that you like. Yes, it’s that simple. Don’t over complicate things with trying to find the exact angle, location, arrangement or composition. Use your gut first and stop as soon as you find something you like. Now, once you’re stopped the fun starts. Ask yourself why do I like this spot, what is it that makes me think it’s nice. Once you start asking these questions you will start to uncover what winter pictures look better to you than others. If you’re shooting snow photography for the first time check out tips on who to adjust for white balance. Generally you’ll have to increase by a stop or so just to offset your camera’s issues with all white scenes. Nonetheless a little reading before hand and shooting in RAW will help to solve any post production issues you may have.

What to look for in the winter

  1. Something frozen
  2. A sign of life
  3. Deep snow
  4. Lines of trees

How to overcome the limits of wildlife photography in the winter

There is a huge challenge with finding wildlife in the winter. Most of them have gone south or are now hibernating. So what wildlife can you take pictures of in the dead of winter? Take your time and walk around a local forest or nature reserve. You’ll find more than you think if you slow it down and look. I captured this owl minutes after walking from where I parked. It wasn’t too far from an outdoor photo shoot that I was on early in the season Granted this doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen and it’s always a great find.

Winter photography tips and ideas

So this year when you’re looking for ideas on what to photograph in the winter just remember it’s not much different than the rest of the year. Use your skills, some gut instinct and you’ll be able to find winter scenes that make for some beautiful photos.

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