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Nature photography tips for the beginner.

Learn how to take better nature and wildlife photos with your Canon DSLR.

2 thoughts on “Nature photography tips for the beginner.”

  1. Too many wildlife photographers get fixated on what I call the “focal-length debacle”, where it becomes an obsession to have the longest/biggest lens possible. Now I know this is location-dependant as you might need more than 600mm just to get any shot at all in certain wide-open spaces, but the issue I want to tackle is more related to our obsession to get as close as possible to the animals and isolate them totally from their environment

    1. True but it is a dilemma when taking photos of an animal that can hear you or smell you from miles away, you need the reach. Getting close enough to see it in some level of detail is also a struggle when balancing that and its environment. It’s why we keep shooting.. to grab that shot where we balance it all.

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