I don’t know about you but I have searched the internet over and over for a simple list and map of places to go kayaking or canoeing in Ontario and never found one. So I built this map showing locations in Ontario, Canada where you can take your kayak or canoe and launch from.

Click the map to view locations to kayak or canoe in lakes, rivers or streams  in Ontario.
View locations in Ontario to kayak or canoe in lakes, rivers or streams

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Where to kayak in Ontario?

It seems endless all the places where you can kayak in Ontario, well you’d think so. I always found it difficult to find new locations to kayak when I wanted to head out for a weekend kayaking trip. The biggest challenge I found was that there was no central location on a map I could view. Too often the kayaking spots were for a rental shop or tour company and didn’t really cover all the possible locations. That’s why I built this kayak map and why I need your help to keep it going. Please add your favorite location using the form below and share your experience with others.

Launch Locations to canoe in Ontario

Where can you canoe in Ontario? After all it’s Ontario a province full of lakes, rivers, streams and creeks. Although I don’t canoe myself I thought I’d at canoeing to this page seeing that kayaking and canoeing are so similar. As I said above this canoe map is built from information I found online and input from people just like you. Please share your favorite canoe location with others using the form below.

Where do you launch your kayak or canoe?

Have a favorite place you like to kayak or canoe and want to share it with others? Use the form below to add some basic information on the location you like to go. Once you submit the form this data will automatically be added to the interactive kayak and canoe location map above.

Videos Of Locations In Southern Ontario To Kayak or Canoe