The Canon 1 DX camera is Canon’s new flagship body.  This camera is feature packed and full of high-end functionality.  The new sensor, processors and shoot speed makes this a perfect camera for sports photography.

Canon 1D X

Photo gallery of images taken on the Canon 1 DX camera

The proof is in the pudding and for the Canon 1 DX it’s in the pictures.  The gallery of sample photos are real world pictures taken largely at sporting events.  The goal here was to take the camera out of the box and start to shoot.  Minor changes to the settings were made, more to suit the event then maximize the performance, when taking these pictures.  As you can see in the gallery almost every shot is bang on.  Yes composition etc.. could be better but hey this is literally right out of the box and out taking photos.


New images taken with the Canon 1 DX will be added over time.  As the camera is taken through its paces and used at more and more events photos will be added to this gallery to showcase its capabilities.


Canon 1 DX image gallery


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