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The new Canon 1 DX has finally arrived.  It seems those not shooting at the London 2012 Olympics had to wait until the big event was over before getting their hands on the long awaited Canon 1 DX.  Luckily I’ve been able to take one for a quick test drive and have some sample photos.

Sample photos from the Canon 1 DX

Instead of showing you how I unpacked the camera, what cute little manuals it comes with and the careful packing done I’ve decided to post some photos.  After all we really want to see sample photos of the Canon 1 DX and not more photos of cardboard boxes.

With little to no time to figure things out i shot a bunch of pictures to see how this machine works right out of the box.  My first impressions were WOW.  A highly technical term used to describe something you have no clue where to start with.  The fit, feel, sound, and of course image quality is simply amazing.  Now I know lots of people want to compare the Canon 1 DX with the Nikon D4 but I won’t.  I simply don’t care.  If you have Nikon glass you’re going to stick with Nikon bodies and the same for Canon shooters.  So why bother picking each other apart?  They’re both excellent cameras.
Shooting sports photography is always a challenge.  The lighting, timing, position etc… are all major obstacles you have to overcome before you even think about taking a picture.  So where better to start than with fast moving Quarter Horse race?
I lucked out that close by there was a Family Day at the local horse racing track, Ajax Downs.  Not only would I get to take pictures with the Canon 1 DX and show off its speed capabilities I’d also get to shoot an event.  During the day there were former Toronto Maple Leaf hockey legends Wendel Clark and Darryl Sittler as well calypso dancers and steel drum musicians.  It was a perfect day to test drive Canon’s flagship camera the Canon 1 DX.
You can see the first bunch of pictures I shoot in the Canon 1 DX photo gallery, enjoy!
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