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Candid Closeup The Weather Network

Was I surprised when Kim MacDonald emailed me to be on The Weather Networks Candid Closeup for my bird photography.  Shocked, nervous and honoured all at the same time.  As a Canadian bird photographer it’s not every day you get asked to be on TV to share your passion.  Bird photography is more of a passion than a business for me and to be asked to share my experience living here in Canada and bird photos was a surprise.

What is Candid Closeup on The Weather Network?

In short the Candid Closeup segment is a weekly show that features Canadian photographers from coast to coast to coast, yes we have three costs here in Canada. Kim speaks with Canadians who capture photos often unique to their location in Canada or a passion they have for the artform.  Yes, photography is an artform!  It can be seen on Monday evenings.

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Being a Canadian Bird Photographer

Do I see myself as a Canadian bird photographer? We’ll, YES! I’ve been taking photos for many years all the way back to the film days. I’ve photographed many genres that have helped me hone my skills. Some of these skills were transferable to bird photography. Take rodeo photography or sports photography. Each share some of the challenges a bird photographer would face. Things like unexpected changes in environment, speed, unpredictable subject. All of these challenges are faced when out taking pictures of birds. Even the gear is similar like the best bird photography lens happens to be the same ones for sports photography. So when I transitioned from more traditional photography to bird and wildlife photography I knew I already had much of the same gear and skills needed to capture great bird pics.

The Best Candid Closeup Videos

Candid Closeup Videos

If you’re looking for the best Candid Closeup videos you’ve got your work cut out for you. There are many great photographers that appeared on the show and Kim has done a great job at showcasing their talent.  A quick and easy way to see them is a simple Google Search. I highly recommend you also take a look on YouTube to watch your favorite episode.

Highlights From My Candid Closeup Segment With Kim MacDonald

Well it’s all a blur to be honest.  I don’t really remember what I said or what Kim asked.  Thankfully she recorded it LOL.  As a photographer born in Canada and one who prefers to be behind the camera doing this was certainly stepping out of my comfort zone.  But Kim made it easy to do and well the end product was much better than I thought possible.  

In my segment of Candid Closeup Kim and I talked about my love of photography over the years.  We focused largely on my bird photography and how easy it is here in Canada to capture photos of many bird species.  We talked about everything from Northern Cardinals to the Blue Jay.  One time that was memorable to me was when I captured a series of photos of an egret taking off.  It was early morning while I was out kayaking, my second passion kayak photography, when I came across a bright white egret hiding in the shoreline shadows.  Ready with my camera I slowly floated toward it and just as it saw me it leapt up and flew away.  I captured a series of 4 photos showing the beauty of this bird.  It was a moment to remember.

Some of the other birds we talked about were the common and playful chickadee. This bird is fast moving and always around me when I’m out taking bird pictures.  I think it should be the bird of Canada rather than the Canadian Goose.  Well you’ll have to watch the episode of me on Candid Closeup to see all the other birds I talked about. 

Why The Weather Network is Critical For my Bird Photography

I’m sure it’s obvious why the weather is important but there are a few reasons that maybe it’s not so obvious.  I generally watch the weather network a week out from when I think I’m going to take pictures of birds.  As a Canadian I know all too well how quickly the weather can change from beautiful to horrible.  But that doesn’t have to be an issue if you’re prepared.  As I said I check the weather on TV about a week out then a day or so before I want to go out and then the morning of.  The Weather Network APP is a great tool as a photographer.  It helps you pinpoint the best time of day and possibly location to go to on the day you’re heading out.  As a Canadian bird photographer you have to be prepared all year round and the weather is a critical part of taking a great photo.

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