Another hot summer's day at the race track proves to be a great one.  Both horses and jockeys at Ajax Downs put on a show on this hot summer’s day.   Just East of Toronto the old Picovs Downs track was converted a few years back and is now called Ajax Downs.  Sunday and Tuesday race times in early afternoon make for a full day of excitement.  

Jockey Jeff MacLaren drops his crop and wins the race!

In the 8th race at Ajax Downs this photo captured yards from the gates show jockey Jeff MacLaren dropping his crop.  It seems nothing slows him down as he continues to push through and win the 8th race riding Heza Quick Six.  This photo taken with the Canon 1 DX (see sample photos from the Canon 1 DX in our gallery) is a great sample picture that illustrates the speed and accuracy of this workhorse.

Race results for the 8th at Ajax Downs

  1. Heza Quick Six – Jeff MacLaren
  2. Streakon Sandy – Cory Spataro
  3. Runin for the Bar – Chelsey Willick
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