Bird Photography Tips (Copy)

Bird Photography Tips (Copy) Bird Photography TIPS TIP 1 Depth of field is important for the ultimate bokeh (or blurry background) but lets face it a blurry photo where nothing is in focus is generally garbage. So for bird photography I set the camera to TV mode with a shutter speed of 1/1000th or faster […]

SONY Bird Photography Tips

SONY Bird Photography Tips SONY Bird Photo TIPS TIP 1 Most common shutter speed settings are between 1/1000 – 1/3000.  You can obviously go faster or slower just keep in mind this will change the overall exposure and sharpness of the image.  I recommend for beginners to shoot at 1/1000 and get a feel for […]

Street photography tips for taking pics of models

So you want to take some street photos that have an edgy look to them, oh and you want to have some models in the shot.  Simple right? Not so fast, taking street photos with models is something that takes planning and a lot of communication.  As a beginner street photographer it's important to know [...]