Highlights from the 2012 Royal Horse Show

November 6, 2012 Photography 0 Comments

Another great night at The Royal Horse Show! Watching greats like Ian Millar and Yann do their thing at the Greenhawk Canadian Show Jumping Championships. The evening was filled with excitement and even a bit of mystery. An unexpected fire alarm slowed things down for 20 minutes or so. Once the alarm was reset things kicked in to high gear. There was a sense of urgency to get on with things and boy did they do that. Hats off to the organisers at the Royal Winter Fair for keeping things on track and action packed.

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New photos from the Royal Winter Fair

One of the most dynamic and jaw breaking events in this years Royal Winter Fair has to be the Rodeo. This event showcases Saddle Bronc riding, Barrel Racing, Bareback Riding and the intense Bull Riding. The unpredictability of these events brings a heightened level of energy. Everyone in the building, even Amber Marshall, was focused on the ring.

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Amber Marshall arrives at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto

November 5, 2012 Photographer 0 Comments

Amber Marshall takes on the Ontario Toyota Dealers Royal Rodeo again this year. Star from the hit TV series Heartland Amber Marshall flies in to Toronto for the Royal Winter Fair’s rodeo this weekend.

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Jerry Diaz amazes the crowds with his traditional Mexican ropemanship and equestrian skills!

November 8, 2011 Horse Photography

The Royal Winter Fair had a special treat this year by Gerardo “Jerry” Diaz. A fourth generation Charro Jerry Diaz presented his skill of ropemanship in this traditional Mexican presentation. With traditional pageantry, attire and equestrian skill Jerry wow’d the crowds with his amazing control of both his rope and horse.

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Royal Winter Fair Photos

The first weekend of the 2011 Royal Horse show was fast paced and exciting. Saturday was a packed day spending nearly 12 hours in the main arena. Photos of the following events will be posted soon.

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