Staying calm before the race…..

July 26, 2012 Ajax Downs 0 Comments

Ajax Downs May 27 2012-21.jpg, a photo by david.reid.5 on Flickr. Do you know who this jockey is? No ratings yet….

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Hey Brian what are you looking at??

July 25, 2012 Ajax Downs 0 Comments

Ajax Downs 2010, a photo by david.reid.5 on Flickr. Brian Bell watching the crowd at Ajax Downs during a race. Now…

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A year in review at Ajax Downs

January 1, 2012 Ajax Downs

When I look back on 2011 I remember the cold wet start to the 2011 season at Ajax Downs. The track was soaking and the day seemed very long. By the end of the day I wondered if I had any pictures that would be worth printing. This photo taken during the Ajax Downs Season Opener puts it all in to perspective. Seeing Peter Gross interviewing Chelsey Willick after her win seemed to set the tone for the rest of the year.

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Photography Etiquette and Official Photographers

November 17, 2011 Photography 0 Comments

To all those photographers or up incoming ones remember in life what goes around comes around. So when taking photographs at a rodeo, horse race or major Horse Show enjoy yourself, you just might see an improvement in your pictures.

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Ajax Downs Track Conditions: Rainy, Hot, Muggy and Sunny

August 7, 2011 Horse Photography 0 Comments

What a mix bag today, Aug 8 2001, at Ajax Downs. Started off hot and muggy and ended up rainy and muddy. All and all it was another good day at the track for taking photos of the races. From the first race to the last there was action as usual. Some horses like Stockton Tx didn’t want to play and dropped jockey Tony Phillips and took off out of the gate before anyone else.

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New photos released taken at Ajax Downs of Quarter horse racing

February 7, 2011 Ajax Downs 0 Comments

We have recently added to our Flickr site an exciting and dynamic photo of Quarter Horse racing at Ajax Downs (formerly Picovs Downs).

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