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How do you capture and photograph the essence of a large event?  This is a challenge I face every time I set out to take photos of a large venue or event.  What do I shoot?  Where can I shoot? Have I captured the right events?  All of these things, and more, have to be taken in to consideration for event photography.


Experience: Having taken photos at some of the largest events in Canada (such as The Royal Winter Fair) I understand the unique challenges a photographer faces. From the scale and size of the venue to the numerous activities happening throughout the day, grabbing photos of everything can be tough.

Research: One of the most critical tasks I undertake is research. For each event, even at the same venue, I research every aspect from the building lighting to the dignitaries attending each day. Knowing where the real action is and when and combining it with the special requirements of the venue come together to capture the perfect photo.

Equipment: Armed with the latest technology and knowing how to use it I prepare myself fully for the events and activities happening that day. I also carry a range of equipment that I might use if the circumstances change. Having the right gear with you is essential to making the right choices and capturing the best photograph possible.

The Photos: How many times have you seen a photographer stand in one location and just snap away? Completely disengaged with the participants and the venue. Well that's not me. I'm constantly looking for new and better ways to capture the moment. Yes, I'll capture the most common photos but more often I'll look for that special gem, the one that makes you say WOW. If you're looking for a photographer that's just like the rest I'm sorry that's not me.

  • Corporate events 100%

  • Sporting events 85%

  • Equestrian events 100%

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