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How many times have you said to yourself “I need a good photo of that”?  Many small businesses know the value of a good photo but often don’t realize the full benefits of a professional photographer.

A typical scenario starts with a rush need for a photo to attract new business either at a trade show or local newspaper advertisement.  This rush to publish often over looks some very important opportunities with the photographer, namely future needs.

Getting more from your photographer

You have a tradeshow or fair that you want to advertise in and you hurry to find a photographer.  Once you find one you focus solely on the task at hand “I need a photo for this upcoming event”.  The photographer too is focused solely on this one event too and works to meet your expectations.  Now what could you do to increase your reach and increase business?
Yes, the immediate need is what everyone is focused on. But, you can get more if you simply ask the right questions.  While negotiating with your photographer for photos that you need today ask what it would cost to have photos taken for other marketing activities.  Will you ever want to advertise in a magazine, newspaper or do direct mailing?  If there is the slightest chance you will ask for more photos.  Be specific and let the photographer know that you will also need photos for these types of advertising mediums.  From the photographers perspective it may only require a small adjustment to the style of photos taken or a small increase to the overall cost.
A good photographer knows that a clients success only benefits his business and will offer effective solutions.  Find out today how you can increase your sales with a business photo package.
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