Tips for selecting a product photographer

Selling items on eBay can be very rewarding. Setting up an online store to sell items can lead to a very lucrative business.  One of the most often missed things to do when setting up an eBay business is to have professional eBay product photography for your items.  Missing this step can undermine your efforts reducing your ability to sell.  Presentation is critical online.  Remember your customers are looking for the best possible product at a great price.  Their first view of you and your product is through the photo so make it count.

How proper eBay Product Photography can increase your sales

ebay product photographyHaving the right eBay product photography equipment is essential to getting the highest value for your products.  With so many people selling on eBay and many selling the same thing you are standing out from the crowd is key to getting the order.  Sellers that take photos on their own are easily spotted in the search listing.  Buyers skim right past homemade photos used to showcase eBay products.  The photo of your product is the first step in the buyers trust to purchase from you.  A small photography budget can can produce some very powerful pictures that will lead to greater sales.

How to take photos for eBay products

Maybe I should start with how not to take photos for selling on eBay.  Many first time sellers want to minimize cost and try to take pictures on their own.  This may work for someone trying to sell a few items from their basement but when you’re trying to make a business selling on eBay you need proper photos.

  • Tips on how NOT to take photos for eBay
  • Don’t use your cell phone.
  • Don’t surround the item with clutter
  • Do wash and clean your item
  • Do show multiple views of the item

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