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Not many sports offer so much excitement in so little time. Taking rodeo photos requires an intense amount of focus and awareness. Just think about it. While you’re at a pro rodeo as a photographer your job is to capture the moment. Doing so requires you to get as close to the action as possible and that’s where the fun begins.

Pro rodeo photographers know the challenges of playing safe

As a pro rodeo photographer taking photos of rodeo cowboys is often an intense experience.  There is a lot of time where everything seems still, that’s the calm before the storm.  Everyone understands and appreciates what the bull and horse can do.  Once the gate is opened the 8 second ride (if they’re lucky) seems to last for hours and is full of tons of action.  As a photographer you must balance your desire to capture the perfect shot to keeping yourself safe. Check out my article on photo tips for rodeo photographers.

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