Toronto Zoo Elephants: Caught in pictures as this controversial rescue lingers in the news

September 30, 2013 Photography 0 Comments

The Toronto Zoo has been in the news for the past several years over Bob Barkers quest to rescue elephants from the zoo. These large majestic animals always make great subjects when visiting the zoo. I’ve created this set of elephant pictures to show captured over the past several years.

Photos from the Toronto Zoo before the elephants move

Looking at these pictures I begin to wonder if the move is a good thing or not? Elephants are one of the most common animals found at a zoo. Before the Toronto Zoo elephants move to California I thought I’d put together this collection of pictures.
Toronto Zoo

Bob Barker rescues the Toronto Zoo Elephants

I didn’t know they needed rescuing! Ok I’ll admit I’ve not stay dialed in to this whole thing. All I know is that Bob Barker has had his sights on the elephants at the Toronto Zoo and now they’re supposed to move. Right or wrong it will be a loss to the people in Ontario and at Canada’s largest zoo. I wonder how many other animals at this zoo or any other need ‘rescuing’.

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