I came across this article Kodak has on “composing your pictures” that has a unique twist.  Typically when I read top tips online it’s usually some very obvious stuff.  Like, remember to hold the camera still or use a flash.

Tips for better photos

Photography TipsIf you’re going to take photos, professional or not, it’s always a good idea to gain useful insight.  This article from Kodak does just that.  It shows you some simple examples and unique angle on how to compose your shot.  

How to get the perfect photo

How often have you taken 20, 50, 400 pictures with your new digital camera to find not 1 great shot?  This happens to all of us and usually the reason you haven’t found that good or great photo is because you didn’t compose anything.  You simply rambled off pictures like a machinegun hoping to catch something. Now i’m known to do that now and then, especially when i’m trying to catch a horse photo at a million miles an hour!
Take 5 minutes to read through this article on composing your pictures.  What you learn may save your thumb from the pain of deleting!
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