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Just outside of The Greater Toronto Area (or GTA) is a region of Southern Ontario called Durham Region. As a photographer in the area I’m often faced with the challenge when I’m not working of what to photograph. After all this is a suburb of a big city what could there possibly be that’s exciting and cool to take a picture of?

The challenge of being a Photographer in Durham Region

Photographer in Durham Region
Photographer in Durham Region

Durham Region has a number of small towns within it. Oshawa is one of the biggest if not the largest. It’s founded on the automotive industry (check out my automotive photos here) and is a typical industrial city. So when looking for ideas I found myself asking the question where do I start, what can I take a picture of that would challenge my skill and help me grow as a photographer? Plenty! simply stop looking and sit in one spot. Look around you and begin to understand where you are. Then big a style or theme for taking photos It could be the use of color or shapes or decay. Just start with an idea. Soon you’ll find yourself snapping photos of all kinds of things. Then pause again to review some of your pictures and see if you have a direction to go on like macro or people. It’s the pausing that helps settle your mind down enough to see what’s around you.

Looking in all the wrong places! Yes being a Toronto photographer in Pickering or a photographer in Ajax all comes with the same challenges. Rows and rows of housing developments and big box department stores leave little to be creative with. You can drive around for hours and see almost the exact same thing, or at least it seems that way.

Nature photography in Whitby

One are in Durham that many photographers love to go to is Lynde Shore. This protect region sits right on Lake Ontario and offers many opportunities for nature photos. I often head there when I can’t seem to find anything else to take a picture of. You can see a collection of my nature photos on Flickr that include pictures taken here.

So, as a Photographer in Durham Region I’ve learned as I do with my clients that taking photographs is all about seeing.

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