Ontario DeLorean Owners Club

The Delorean is an iconic automobile with a very unique mystic to it.  Form a center piece in the Back to the Future Trilogy to its demise, the name is always starts up a passionate conversation.

Ontario DeLorean Owners Club

I was lucky to have been allowed to attend the Ontario DeLorean Owners Club "Tech Day" on June 2, 2012.  Seeing one Delorean is a treat, to see 15 is very rare.  This event held at Toronto Brake in Scarborough Ontario was really for the club members and DeLorean owners to work on their cars.  As you can imagine owning one of these cars requires some special abilities -namely patience in finding good service.  

DeLorean Photos

Here are a few photos of the day.  More can be seen on our Flickr Page DeLorean Photos.
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