9 Animal Photography Tips

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Anyone with a pet loves to take pictures of them and capturing that perfect shot always seems impossible. I came across a great article on how to take the photos you want.  9 simple tips to help you take that perfect photo. 

Pet Photo Tips

Two of the best tips in this article are the use of light and focusing on the eyes.  Keeping the lighting natural and simple will help to keep the animal at ease.  Just think of the last time you had a flash go off in your face, not fun.  Using a flash on an animal will result in deep shadows and unnatural photos.

Professional photographers especially portrait photographers know the key to any picture is focusing on the eyes.  We are wired to first look at the eyes of any subject in a photo.  If the eyes are out of focus we are not as impressed with the picture.  Learning to focus on your pets eyes is something you need to practice at.

You can read the tips here at the Digital Photography School  


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