DR Photos is an Ontario photographer specializing in equestrian, portrait,
advertorial, industrial and conceptual photography, based in Toronto.
We love to turn ideas into beautiful things.

Sports photography

Photographing team or individual sports is an exciting and challenging process.  Just like the commitment you've put in to achieving your goals as a sports photographer I place myself where the action is to capture your moment. See more

Fashion photography

How do you bring life to your fashion creations? From clothing to accessories our modelling photography work brings to light the essence of your fashion in photos. See more


Brilliance, beauty and craftsmanship bring your jewelry photos to life. Our jewelry photography services include on sight photo session or in our studio. See more


As an equestrian photographer is all about capturing the bond and connection between rider and horse.  From show jumping to photo shoots at your barn capturing the relationship you have is essential and at the core of of our photos. See more

Product Photography

Having the right photograph of your product will bring to light its very purpose.  As a commercial product photographer showcase your products, big or small, as standalone or in application so your customers see what you offer. See more

Industrial Photography

Take your industrial photos to a new level by showing more than simple functionality.  Showcase your machinery, operations or installations in a way that motivates your buyers. See more

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If you have a current or future project and are looking to hire a photographer near you send me a message and lets discuss how we can help. Our photo services cover a wide range of options and are sure to simplify your search to find a photographer. Hiring a top photographer doesn't have to be a complex process. Use the form below to contact us directly.

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Local product photographer

Advertising tips for the small business: How to get the most from your photos

How many times have you said to yourself “I need a good photo of that”? Many small businesses know the value of a good photo but often don’t realize the full benefits of a professional photographer.

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Learn to Increase business with targeted Product Photography

January 15, 2011 Product Photography 0 Comments

Often companies forget the value of a good photo and miss great and often better sales results.
From simple dollar store products to multi-million dollar machines the photo is key to capturing the right customers.
You want to illustrate the value in your product and showcase the best features and function it can offer.

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How your business can benefit from a professional photographer.

Next time you decide to take a photo to send to a prospect or client ask yourself “will this photo help me land the order or not”? If the answer isn’t a firm yes you owe it to yourself to ask a professional. You will be surprised at what you will learn.

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