Track Conditions at Ajax Downs

What a mix bag today, Aug 8 2001, at Ajax Downs.  Started off hot and muggy and ended up rainy and mucky.  All and all it was another good day at the track for taking photos.  From the first race to the last there was action as usual.  Some horses like Stockton Tx shown here didn’t want to play and dropped jockey Tony Phillips and took off out of the gate before anyone else.

Ajax Downs Photos Aug 8

There are many more photos of the races from Aug 8, 2011 and will be posted to both our Flickr site and Facebook page.  To catch them when they’re released ‘like’ us on Facebook ( and you’ll see them as they are posted.

Today I spent more time down by the gates to catch both the intensity of the jockeys as well as the power of the horses.  Once the gates are opened everyone starts off the same, well most of the time, and you can see it from the focused look on the jockeys.

More photos from the races on August 8, 2011 will be posted on Flickr and Facebook over the next days and weeks.




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