Model posing for portrait photos

Simple ideas for posing models at an outdoor photoshoot

Learn how to use these simple ideas for posing models at an outdoor photo shoot and capture creative portraits that take advantage of sunny or cloudy conditions.

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Example of camera settings for outdoor portrait photo shoots

What camera settings should you use for outdoor model portrait photos?

More and more I’m finding that the number one thing I’m focusing on when taking pictures is the lighting. At a…

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Sony A7 and sample images

Local photographers offer 2 key differences others can’t

Taking the time to search for a local Toronto photographer can often lead to an overall better experience. Why is a photographer…

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Fine art and unique stock art photographer David Reid

Toronto Zoo Elephants: Caught in pictures as this controversial rescue lingers in the news

September 30, 2013 Photographer, Photography 0 Comments

Toronto Zoo elephants take long journey West after Bob Barker stormed in to Toronto. The real question is are they really better off?

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Amber Marshall arrives at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto

Amber Marshall takes on the Ontario Toyota Dealers Royal Rodeo again this year. Star from the hit TV series Heartland Amber Marshall flies in to Toronto for the Royal Winter Fair’s rodeo this weekend.

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Johnny Depp pleases fans on the red carpet

September 9, 2012 Photographer, Photography 0 Comments

Johnny Depp send fans crazy as he takes time to sign autographs on the red carpet.   Johnny Depp Premiere   …

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Johnny Depp at premiere West Memphis TIFF Toronto

September 8, 2012 Photographer, Photography 0 Comments

Johnny Depp in Toronto and the premiere of West Memphis during the 2012 TIFF

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