Learn how to take better fall photos

5 fall photography tips and techniques to improve your photos

November 5, 2017 Photography Tips 0 Comments

One of the best season to take photos is fall.  The change in the landscape with brilliant colors and new revealing…

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365 photo challenge album

How to plan for a 365 day photo challenge and finish

January 1, 2017 Photography Tips 0 Comments

365 photo challenge ideas and tips for taking a photo a day everyday. Learn how to overcome the hurdles faced in a typical 365 project for photographers.

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Instructions for long exposure photography

How to take simple and easy long exposure pictures the first time

November 30, 2016 Photography Tips 0 Comments

One of the more serial types of photography is long exposure photos. The eerie or dreamy look can take the simplest…

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Example of camera settings for outdoor portrait photo shoots

What camera settings should you use for outdoor model portrait photos?

October 31, 2016 Photography Tips 2 Comments

Camera settings for outdoor modeling poses that work for male or female models and work on Canon, Nikon or Sony cameras.

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Examples of Canon tips and tricks for photographers

How a walk in the forest can improve your photography skills for any Canon camera.

October 19, 2016 Photography Tips 0 Comments

Simple tips for beginners and intermediate photographers on how to get inspired when nothing else works. Example of composition and exposure tips used in nature photography shot with a Canon DSLR.

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The number 1 and best photo tip I can give you

September 9, 2016 Photography Tips 0 Comments

The best photography tip and the first one you should try to improve your lighting techniques, composition and to learn how to take better photos. It’s that simple.

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Top rated photos on Flickr: Do you agree?

February 1, 2014 Photography Tips 0 Comments

Top rated photos on Flickr can help to promote your pictures as well improve your photography skills. The question is often how do you get your photos seen on Flickr. To find that out I’ve added my tops tips.

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Shooting pictures from your hotel room

August 22, 2013 Photography Tips

Your camera settings aren’t the only thing to worry about when taking photos through glass? When you travel often the best…

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Sony A7 and sample images

Suburban photography and what to shoot?

July 29, 2013 Photography Tips

When I flip through my many photography magazines at all the beautiful photos taken i’m always surprised at one thing, location….

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When to turn off image stabilization (IS) or vibration reduction (VR)?

July 23, 2013 Photography Tips

WOW, you spent hundreds – most likely thousands – of dollars on one of the top lenses from Canon or Nikon…

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