Speed racing horses

3 simple tips to improve your photos for indoor events

Indoor events are often poorly lit and often have fast action. Event photography is demanding on both your gear and skills….

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Ajax Downs Jockeys and standings

Located just East of Toronto, Ontario is the small town of Ajax. Mainly a feeder community to the larger cities of…

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Ajax Downs photographer David Reid

Tips for taking horse racing photos

September 10, 2013 Horse Photography

Taking horse racing photos can be very rewarding. The fast paced action of horses in motion frozen in time can often…

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Power at the gate captured in this sample image from the Canon 1 DX

August 8, 2013 Canon 1 DX, Horse Photography

In this sports photo the Canon 1 DX shows its real power.  Freezing the power and intensity of both horse and…

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New photos from the Royal Winter Fair

One of the most dynamic and jaw breaking events in this years Royal Winter Fair has to be the Rodeo. This event showcases Saddle Bronc riding, Barrel Racing, Bareback Riding and the intense Bull Riding. The unpredictability of these events brings a heightened level of energy. Everyone in the building, even Amber Marshall, was focused on the ring.

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Jockey Jeff MacLaren pulls off a win in the 8th with Heza Quick Six

Jockey Jeff MacLaren drops his crop and wins the race! On a hot summers day at Ajax Downs the track was fast and the races exciting as always.

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Doing the sidestep!

August 3, 2012 Horse Photography 0 Comments

Doing the sidestep at Ajax Downs!

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Ajax Downs Season Opener – What a difference a year makes!

The season opener at Ajax Downs couldn’t have been any better. The weather was perfect for the start of another amazing year. Compared to 2011 when Chelesey Willick and Peter Gross were fighting of the rain. Looking forward to some exciting finishes..

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Ontario Horse Racing at Risk?

The horse racing is an estimate $2.6 billion industry in Ontario and growing. Because of its success it’s an easy target for a poorly managed Government. How will this impact Ajax Downs and the growing thoroughbred racing? Very good question and one I hope ends up in favour for the owners of Ajax Downs.

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Rodeo Photography: Cowboy Extraordinaire

February 9, 2012 Horse Photography

My experience with rodeo photography is that you simply never know what you’re going to get. You can plan as much as possible, bring the right gear and scout the location to death. In the end it’s the venue and the rodeo its self that dictates what you get.

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