I just picked up the new Fujifilm X20 as a carry along point and shoot. Previously I was bound to carrying around a digital SLR and bag just in case I wanted to take a photo. This was becoming a real pain in the butt having to carry it and watch it on the off chance I might take a picture. Equally challenging was the problem of picture quality. When shooting with mid to top range cameras one gets use to having high quality photos under almost any condition. You can see some of my sample photos take on the Canon 1 DX as a reference point.

What compact camera should I buy?

I got a tip from a photography friend that the new X20 was a good deal and great value for the money. At the time of this post the camera was selling for around $600. To me this wasn’t a low cost option but worth checking in to. My biggest concern was the picture quality in normal shooting situations as well low light. If the end result was basically the same as any other low cost point and shoot than this was a no-go. I wanted something better and not just a trendy case. So what are some of the key features to the new Fuji X20?

Key features of the Fujifilm X20

  • 12MP 2/3″-type X-Trans CMOS II sensor
  • EXR Processor II
  • ‘Advanced Optical Viewfinder’ with exposure information overlay
  • 28-112mm equivalent, F2.0-2.8 lens with optical image stabilization
  • Advanced Filters, 360 panoramic
  • Full manual control, Raw format recording
  • Full HD 1080/60p movie recording (36Mbps bitrate)
  • Optical image stabilization
  • And so much more…

Sample photos from the Fujifilm X20

After reading all the tech reviews of this product and watching a bunch of oddly arranged YouTube videos on the X20 I was still confused. So I decided to make the leap and purchase the X20. For me it’s always about seeing the proof rather than reading about it. If it doesn’t work for me it doesn’t matter what the specs say. So does the Fuji X20 measure up?
Here are some sample photos I took the other day. Here’s the scene. In my backyard just after a heavy rainstorm swooped through my area with the sun beaming on the back end. It was still very windy out so clarity is a bit of an issue. The photos were taken with the super macro settings and overall turned out ok. I’m still not in awe of this camera yet but maybe with a little more tweaking I can find the right combination of settings to be amazed.

Stay tuned for more posts and sample photos.

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