Dancing sample image - Canon 1 DX
Dancing sample image - Canon 1 DX

How do you get a crowd of horse racing enthusiasts to take their eyes off the race?  
You hire Hibiscus Promotions and let them do their thing.  A recent “Family Day” held at Ajax Downs just east of Toronto Ontario showcased the talents of this Caribbean entertainment company.   Delivering a unique combination of dance and music Hibiscus brought life and excitement to the party.  Not only did they deliver a fantastic show they brought the show to the crowd.  Bringing the crowd in to the action these dancers high energy was easily transferable to children and adults alike.

Capturing the energy and movement of Caribbean dancing with the Canon 1 DX

Many cameras fall short when shooting live event dancing.  One of the biggest issues you face when taking pictures at a live event is lighting.  As the dancers move around and ‘work the crowd’ lighting quickly changes.  The Canon 1 DX easily kept up with the speed of the dancers and did an amazing job with metering the whole scene.  Focusing was also a snap with the 61 AF points and quick selection of groups and spots.
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