The New Year has been a rough start for the horse racing industry in Ontario. With severe changes made to the industry by the Ontario Government race tracks have had to resort to some very creative ways to stay in business.  Funding from a reserve fund is allowing Ajax Downs to continue a long standing tradition in Ajax.  Since 1969 Picov's Downs (now Ajax Downs) has been racing in the Durham Region.  With these new changes residents will continue to enjoy the unique experience of thoroughbred racing.

Ajax Downs Changes Race Days

With change comes more change.  With the reduced number of races Ajax Downs has all but dropped Sunday races.  For 2013 there are 2 Sundays scheduled in the calendar.   How will this impact the community’s awareness and attendance?   Only time will tell.  Personally I enjoy the energy one gets at the track.  Expecting the unexpected is the norm for me at the track and if I'm lucky captured in camera, as seen in my Ajax Downs photos.  This year is all about change for both the industry and audience.   

Ajax Downs Scheduled Races


Download Ajax Downs 2013 Calendar


Ajax Downs Gate Ajax Downs Gate

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